Lysaght Galvanized Steel Berhad (LGS), was listed on the KLSE on 28 June 1994. 
It was previously known as Lysaght Galvanising Services Sendirian Berhad which was incorporated on 4 April 1979 in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company.  The Company has its origin from Lysaght Corrugated Pipe Sendirian Berhad.  (LCP) which was incorporated in 1972 as a joint venture between John Lysaght (Australia) Ltd., United Engineers Ltd., Singapore and a group of Malaysian entrepreneurs.

LGS began its roots in manufacturing corrugated steel pipes, guardrails and highway furniture.  The company later diversified in the design and manufacturing of poles, masts, transmission poles, transmission / telecommunication towers and substation structures.

The business development, sales and marketing functions of the LGS Group lies with Lysaght Marketing (LM) which is wholly owned subsidiary of LGS.

LM’s International Marketing Division assists when required in backing up the marketing efforts of the Group.  Furthermore, the Technical Marketing Division is continually promoting the company’s products to potential clients and consultants by conducting seminars at various Engineering Institutions and Societies or on special requests both locally and internationally.


  The products manufactured by LGS have wide applications specializing in infrastructure development projects.  The company is principally involved in the manufacture of galvanized steel poles, masts and towers.  The poles and masts are mainly used as lighting columns for streets, highways, transport terminals, traffic interchanges, airports, ports, sports complexes and stadiums, golf courses etc.  As for tower products, they are mostly used for supporting overhead power transmission lines and power substation structures and for mounting high voltage equipment.  These products are marketed through Lysaght Marketing under several registered trade name such as Lycorpole and Safe-T-Pole.

  LGS operates from Lot 89, Medan Tasek, Tasek Industrial Estate, Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan with a built up area of approximately 315,000 sq. feet engaging approximately 550 employees.

  LGS operates a fully environmentally friendly galvanizing plant which can galvanized sections up to 14.0m length and 1.8m width. LGS only uses top grade premium zinc for its galvanizing.

  The manufacturing equipment facilities includes amongst others, sophisticated and modern CNC press brakes, CNC plasma cutting machines, automated submerged arc welding systems, thus enabling the company to manufacture steel poles and masts of up to 32 mm in thickness and in a single length of up to 14 metres. 

  LGS’s  philosophy on maintaining its product quality is to constantly carry out tests to gauge their performances.  The steel used is subjected to mechanical and chemical testing prior to manufacturing.

High Mast and Monopoles full scale testing on the structures are available at our factory. Besides these, there are many more tests such as destructive and non-destructive weld tests as well as pole deflection type tests to requirements of ILE Technical Report No 7 and BS 5649. LGS’s in-house testing facilities were specially set up not just for its clientele’s requirements but also to ensure that there is satisfactory correlation between designs and test results. 

For products such as the energy absorbing poles, a test rig has been specifically set to measure the deceleration rates of a model “car” to ensure its meets stringent specifications. In summary, testing is an integral part of LGS’s set-up and the company is fully committed to it.


  LGS has a core group of technical and engineering personnel, comprising experts in design, day-to-day running of the manufacturing facilities, project division for improving the efficiency and equipment, maintenance division, research and development for new products.

LGS is a totally independent concern with a team of in-house design engineers ensuring that its products are suitably designed to suit a wide variety of applications to meet the varying stringent international codes and standards.  Over the years, our in-house design engineers have created specifically suited software packages for design and drafting.  The company also possess the most advanced computer design software and hardware systems coupled with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Currently there are more than ten (10) different pole and mast design packages within the LGS Group.  Each software package is designed to meet the varying international codes and standards on the product range LGS offers. 

All LGS column structural designs are supported by in-house Professional Engineer’s endorsement if necessary.

A major factor of LGS’s continued growth since its establishment is the time allocated for in-house as well as external training programs.  The Group’s engineers have been trained in various universities and disciplines worldwide.  This gives LGS an added advantage in that it draws ideas and feedback from its engineers from different background and teaching.  To keep them abreast of the ever-changing technology, they are constantly participating in engineering seminars in Malaysia and overseas.  In turn, all senior staff members, in particular senior engineers are responsible for ensuring that subordinates are trained adequately in their respective fields which include product design, computer aided drafting (CAD), factory layout and ergonomics, automated and semi-automated machine operations and quality assurance.


  These manufactured products conform to internationally accepted design standards and criteria.  In addition, the company’ in-house engineering design team has the capacity to meet any other specific design criteria when specially requested.  The following is a short list of some of the company’s product range.

The Lysaght Group







Park Lighting Poles


Lighting poles for parks, playgrounds, gardens, etc.


Street Lighting Poles


Lighting poles for major and minor streets / freeways etc.


Decorative Lighting Poles


Decorative lighting poles for major and minor streets / freeways / private housing development / landscaping etc – smooth polished finished top of with long lasting weather resistant OVEN BAKED powder coat finishing.


Radio Antenna Poles


For mounting cellular phone transmitting discs and antenna for telecommunication purposes etc.


Floodlighting Poles


For support of lighting systems, for use at tennis courts, badminton courts, golf courses etc., security lighting for industrial and commercial areas including dockyards, warehouses and shopping complexes, etc.


Power Transmission Poles


For cross-country power transmission lines, distribution system etc.


Flag Masts


For flags in prominent landmarks such as hotels, palaces, government buildings, and prestigious premises, etc.


High Masts


For lighting up interchanges, highway toll plazas, swimming pools, large car park areas, wharves and airports etc.


Stadium Floodlighting Masts


For superior lighting for outdoor, recreational areas including sporting stadiums.


Windmill Masts


For support of windmills for trapping of wind energy for power generation.


Traffic Signal Masts


For traffic control systems in city, inter-junctions, traffic information computer board systems, etc.


Safety Poles


Proprietary designed lighting poles for absorbing energy during accidental impacts and to minimize risk of injury to occupants.


Mid-Hinged Poles


Proprietary designed quick maintenance poles for areas which are inaccessible to maintenance equipment.


Hydraulic Hinged Poles


Lighting poles for mining industry and airports.  Servicing is done at ground level using a patented hydraulic raising and lowering mechanism.


Ski Lift Poles


For support of cable car systems, human transfer conveyor systems, etc.


Decorative Lighting Poles


For lighting system in tourist and cultural areas, shopping malls, prestigious walkways, parks, playground, garden, etc.


Distribution Line Poles


For support of power transmission lines and power distribution lines.


Sign Poles


For neon light advertisement and warning systems etc.


Traffic Sign Gantry


For support & variable message sign, traffic directional signs etc.





Depending on height and application, LGS is able to offer all the above products in various forms, including:-



  1. Octagonal Tapered
  2. Dodecagonal Tapered
  3. Hexdecagonal Tapered
  4. Icosagonal Tapered
  5. Circular Tapered
  6. Swaged Tubular Pipe
  7. Tapered Swaged Tubular Pole
  8. Square or rectangular section